Safety is our core focus.

Fire safety

Fire fighting and much more!

Fire interventions can be very hazardous for fire-fighting personnel. Fire fighters save lives, but not at any cost. They have to exercise the principle of precaution considering the many hazards they encounter such as flames, smoke, gas, heat… EducExpert provides support and prepares them to respond appropriately in situations where solid expertise, knowledge and specific equipment are required.

Fire protection
Industrial fire fighter

EducExpert Manager is recognized by the ENPQ for the following courses:

Firefighter I
Firefighter II
Pumping apparatus driver operator
Vehicule extrication
Aerials apparatus driver operator
Hazardous material for first responders

We offer various seminars

Silo and Hayloft
Lifting cushion
GAZ Detection
Vehicule Extriction (Assistance and Intervention)

Vehicule Extriction (Assistance)

Proficiency Training


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Industrial sector

Staying safe with industrial products: production, transformation and transportation!

Industrial environments can be very hazardous for workers. Workers can be exposed to chemical products, toxic products and dangerous products of all types, and some workers are in daily contact with them. Worker safety should never be taken lightly. EducExpert makes a difference by developing training courses suited to industrial environments.

Industrial fire fighters
Freight transportation
Hazardous materials


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First responders

Efficient first aid in emergency situations!

First responders have to deal with all kinds of emergency situations: accidents, drowning, shootings, poisonings, chemical product spills… Despite the pressure and the adrenaline rush, these workers have to provide first aid and other necessary care to ensure that their patients’ state of health doesn’t deteriorate. The role of EducExpert is to provide tools that enable them to successfully accomplish these tasks.

Medical transportation
Hazardous materials


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Occupational health and safety

A pleasant, safe working environment!

We spend the majority of our day at work. It is important to ensure that our work environment is safe, not only for individual well-being, but also for company performance. A happy employee is the key to success. EducExpert provides training for the prevention of workplace accidents and injuries.

Office ergonomics
Sexual harassmentl


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Emergency measures

Know what to do in an emergency situation!

A fire breaks out. A medical emergency occurs. An armed individual suddenly appears. What should you do? EducExpert provides training courses covering a set of means and procedures to enable a swift yet appropriate reaction in the event of an emergency situation, so that safety always remains the top priority.

Color codes


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Police service

Always prepared!

Police personnel establish a sense of trust with the population in order to protect lives and property. Among other tasks, they detect crime, carry out investigations, enforce laws, and maintain peace and order. We all depend on them for our safety. EducExpert is proud to contribute to this mission by providing additional training courses to suit police service requirements.


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  • "Fully satisfied of our collaboration with EducExpert, we are convinced of the added value of online training. We wish to further expand the training catalog of the Establishement Cantonal Assurance."
    Jean-Marc PittetInspector responsible for training firefighters, ESTABLISHMENT CANTONAL ASSURANCE VAUD CANTON, SWITZERLAND

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