We strive to help train the men and women who share our common goal: saving lives.

Situation analysis

Is your organization experiencing a problem situation? Would you like to solve it? EducExpert specializes in the identification of shortcomings in the area of health and safety.

Our team is trained to work with you to identify:
problematic situations,
the context in which they occur,
the timing of these situations,
and the people involved.


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Action plan design

Do you have a large-scale project to carry out? EducExpert is a genuine expert when it comes to implementing strategies in order to attain the desired results, without losing sight of your bottom line.

Our team excels in drawing up operational action plans by determining the following:
the educational strategies to be implemented,
the objectives to be reached,
the required technology to be used,
and the choice of the most attractive financial means.


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Solution deployment

Are you unsure about how to convince the members of your organization to use online training courses? EducExpert will make it easy for you. Thanks to our LMS platform (Learning Management System), taking an online training course has never been easier. Once your learners have registered for a course, you can monitor their progress using the same platform. Become an experienced online training manager!

As a bonus, if so desired, our team can provide you with personalized academic support in order to provide support to the learners throughout each and every step of their training process.


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Stay up to date

Do you want your staff members to apply the latest recommendations in the areas of health and safety? EducExpert works together with you in order to keep their knowledge up to date in an efficient manner. As demonstrated by a recent study carried out by the Research Institute of America, and as mentioned on the eLearning Industry website, e-Learning has the power to increase information retention rates by up to 60%. Opt for proven learning solutions!

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